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About Those Cufflinks...

Have you ever noticed the cufflinks Mark wears?  Well, they used to belong to Ol' Blue Eyes himself - that's right - "The Chairman of the Board"!

Mark has a friend who, at Nellis AFB in May of 1964, won a raffle ticket for his gunnery high score.  The prize was being Nancy Sinatra's escort to a black tie VFW dinner dance in Tucson.  That evening he was to go to the affair with the base commander, his wife, and about 20 other base officers.  So, the entourage boarded a limo and a bus on the base, and off to Tucson.  When he got to his room, he discovered that the shirt with the tuxedo outfit he was to wear had French cuffs but no cufflinks!   So, he improvised with one large paper clip for each cuff folded over.  When they go to the penthouse for cocktails with everone - including Frank Sr., Frank Jr., and Nancy - and 20 or 30 other dignitaries, Nancy spotted the paperclip cufflinks, laughed, and said "let me get a pair of dad's".  She told him that the cufflinks in the little leather pouch had originally belonged to "Mr.Davis", but they were now her father's.  At the end of the evening, he forgot to give them back and tried to contact Nancy but couldn't find her.  Eventually he did and she told him to keep them "as a gift from dad".

The friend told Mark - "Mark, these have been in my drawer for 40 years and I wore them once...not my style.  I wanted to have them end up with the ultimate Sinatra fan, and I want you to enjoy them!"   Mark took them to a jeweler to have them appraised for insurance.  The jeweler said that they were worth about $50 to $60.  When Mark told him that they were owned and worn by Sinatra he replied... "Priceless" - Goodbye and have a nice day!  The design is petrified wood on sterling silver.  Anyone can get an autograph or a picture, but to actually own something that was part of an outfit that your "Idol" actually owned and wore, is really a thrill!



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