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Wherever Mark appears, the audience quickly perks up and starts swinging with the music. In addition to the good times, most listeners are fortunate enough to receive one of the complimentary CDs Mark distributes through the crowd. Mark keeps busy at private functions, but does manage to make public appearances quite often; you can currently catch Mark at the following venues:


Mark will be at the Hayner Library Performance Hall on April 18 from 6:30pm - 7:30pm. The Hall is located at 225 Alton Square Mall (on the east side of the mall, on the second floor between the escalators and J. C. Penney).

If you enjoy the song stylings of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin, and Dean Martin, you're absolutely going to want to attend this program. Mark reproduces the music of these great performers in a program tailored to the audience's requests. Please register at 1-800-613-3163.


Mark had always wanted to sing on the Muny stage in St. Louis. Last year, wearing his white tuxedo, of course,  he was front and center on the Muny stage belting out "New York, New York" and "My Way" to probably about 10,000 empty seats, just to say that "I DID IT!" [his way...]

This just might be happening again this year! Keep checking back to find out...

Crowds were flocking in to the Muny to hear Mark...


Mark is bigger than life on stage at the Muny!


Hey - who's that wearing a pork pie hat in the 2nd row?


New Sound System

Mark now has a totally self-contained, portable sound system! It only weighs 38 lbs. and it's on wheels! The built in batteries are good for 23 Hours! With this new system, his venues are now virtually unlimited and with new and more affordable rates to clients!

In case you missed the concert in December 2015, here are some pix:

2015 conceert with Town and Country Symphony Orchestra


Mark sings "New York, New York" at Schnucks in Des Pere!


Mark was recently interviewed on KMOX by Ron Elz; you can listen to the interview here:



You can have Mark singing for you in your house or in your car just by paying shipping and handling charges of only $12.95!   Send your name and address, along with a check or Money Order for $12.95 to Mark at P. O. Box 1361, Maryland Heights, MO 63043.  Please specify whether you would like his newest CD, "Mark Live - No Tracks", or, one of his previous CDs, "Here's Mark", "Daisy's Favorites", "Frank-ly Priceless".  You could also be one of the lucky guests who takes home a CD from his appearances.

Yes, Mark's new CD is also available, just send the check or money order as shown above, and it will be on the way.


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