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Mark will be at Weber Grill Restaurant in the Galleria on Wednesday, August 1!

That was the unmistakable voice of Ed McMahon announcing... "And now4 ladies and Gentlemen, HEEEERES MARK!" Ed did that for me as a personal favor on his last visit to St. Louis. I was privileged to know him casually for more than 30 years; he was just one hell of a great guy! Always friendly, always eager to help, and he probably gave me the most valuable advice ever, for my entertainment career. You can see one of my fondest video memories with ED when I presented him with my very favorite hot pink tie! Ed was truly a gentleman and most of all taught me the true meaning of the word... "Excellence". Sleep well my friend... "HI..yo!!!!!!!!"

Mark has just relesed a new CD - "The Best of Seven"; as in the World Series, this CD has the best of his tunes from his first 7 CDS. For a CD, call Mark at 314-576-5010 or send him an Email.

If you enjoy the song stylings of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin and Dean Martin... You're absolutely going to love this guy!

Mark has a beautiful sexy voice, and his own very unique style. His gift of almost perfect phrasing has been compared to that of  "Old Blue Eyes Himself".

Mark backstage with Jay Leno after Jay's recent appearance at Lindenwood University.  Jay is holding Mark's latest CD, "The Way You Look Tonight".


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